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Job Postings  

Crystallography related career opportunities, post docs and related positions in the crystallography community. If you wish to place your job opportunity on the Hampton Research website, submit the details to tech@hrmail.com.

Title: Director of Institute UCL/Birbeck
Website: https://tinyurl.com/yac2ha2u

We are looking to recruit a world leading scientist to succeed Prof Gabriel Waksman FRS FMedSci as Director of the Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology at UCL and Birkbeck, University of London.

The Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology (ISMB) is a world-leading interdisciplinary institute in the field of structural, molecular and mechanistic biology, and an important strategic collaboration between UCL and Birkbeck, University of London. Research interests cover a broad range of key research questions in fundamental biology, with a particular focus on the mechanisms of molecular machines. Our approaches are at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary biomolecular science. World-class research facilities are accessible to all ISMB members, including laboratories for cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, biophysical methods, mass spectrometry, computational biology, cell biology, optical microscopy and microbiology. ISMB seminars, symposia and retreats facilitate collaborative research activities, while our PhD programmes, including an ISMB Wellcome Trust funded programme, support recruitment of high-calibre students committed to interdisciplinary research. The successful candidate will have a world-class record of research in a complementary area, a shared commitment to multidisciplinary and multiscalar approaches to mechanistic biology, and a vision to lead the ISMB to the next stage of its development.

Details and the application form can be found at

For informal enquiries, please contact Professor Frances Brodsky (Director, UCL Biosciences and Chair of the Search Committee (f.brodsky@ucl.ac.uk) or, for enquiries about Birkbeck, Professor Nicholas Keep (n.keep@bbk.ac.uk).

Closing Date 31st July 2018

[Post Date: June 21, 2018]

Title: Postdoc The Wistar Institute

A postdoctoral fellow position is immediately available in the laboratory of Emmanuel Skordalakes at The Wistar Institute. The laboratory studies protein, nucleic acid assemblies that participate in the replication and maintenance of telomeres and have been implicated in a host of diseases including cancer. Areas of interest include the telomere replication and maintenance nucleoprotein complexes telomerase, CST and shelterin. We use a multidisciplinary approach involving biochemical, biophysical and cell based assays to address mechanistic questions related to the function of the above protein-nucleic acid assemblies. Our goal is to understand how telomeres are replicated, how shelterin and CST regulate this process and how dysfunction of these complexes leads to human disease. Information obtained from these studies will be used to identify activity modulators of telomerase and associated complexes as potential therapeutics for cancer and age-related diseases.

The laboratory is located in the University City area of Philadelphia, in the heart of the University of Pennsylvania Campus. Both the Wistar Institute and the University of Pennsylvania provide resources to conduct cutting edge collaborative research, outstanding intellectual environments and state-of-the-art facilities.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates that have recently acquired or will be acquiring a Ph.D. in biochemistry, structural biology or a related field and have a record of peer reviewed publications. Additional information regarding our research program can be found at the laboratory's web sites

Interested applicants should e-mail their CV along with a cover letter briefly describing their research accomplishments and current research interests to Emmanuel Skordalakes, Ph.D., Associate Professor (skorda@wistar.org).

[Post Date: June 21, 2018]

Title: Postdoc SUNY
Website: https://jobsatupstate.peopleadmin.com/applicants/Central?quickFind=215257

A post-doctoral position is available immediately for a highly-motivated individual to perform NIH-funded work on the structure and function of the erlin1/2 complex; see Wright and Wojcikiewicz (2016) Prog. Mol. Biol. Trans. Sci. 141, 141-159; Pearce at al. (2009) J. Biol. Chem. 284, 10433-10445. Primary goals will be to express and solve the structure of the erlin proteins, to utilize cryo-EM to generate a high-resolution structure of the erlin1/2 complex and use CRISPR/Cas 9-based approaches to define the interface between activated IP3 receptors and the erlin1/2 complex. The successful candidate will join a highly active lab focused on signaling via IP3 receptors in mammalian cells. Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree in biological sciences with strengths in structural biology, biochemistry and cell biology. The candidate is expected to drive forward the project, act semi-independently, compile and analyze and write up data for publication, and work co-operatively with others.

For consideration, please send your CV, three references and other relevant information to Professor Wojcikiewicz at the site:


[Post Date: June 21, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Umea University

The laboratory of Magnus Wolf-Watz at Umeå University is searching a motivated postdoc with an interest in enzyme dynamics. We use diverse techniques to address enzymatic rate enhancements from the perspective of enzyme dynamics. The candidate should either hold or expect to hold a Ph.D. in the area of biochemistry or structural biology, with expertise in either NMR spectroscopy or X-ray crystallography. Our department is equipped with state of the art NMR spectrometers including an 850 MHz machine equipped with a cryo probe. Expertise in protein production and purification is required.

The postdoc position is a fellowship for 2 years. Please visit the lab website for more information: www.biostruct.umu.se/principal-investigators/magnus-wolf-watz/.

Send your CV with a brief research statement as well as 2-3 contacts for references to magnus.wolf-watz@umu.se before the 1st of August

[Post Date: June 21, 2018]

Title: Postdoc UCSF

Position description: The research group of Dr. Danica Fujimori at University of California San Francisco is seeking highly motivated postdoctoral candidates with a background in biochemistry, structural biology or chemical biology to join our research group. The broad interests of the lab are in post-translational and post-transcriptional regulation of macromolecular function. We are seeking new members to contribute to the lab’s research. Currently available projects explore the mechanistic basis of domain cross-talk in regulation of chromatin methylation as well as structure-guided discovery of small molecule ligands for epigenetic proteins. We combine biochemical and functional studies with structural methods such as cryo-EM, NMR and X-ray crystallography. For examples of our previous work please see: Ortiz Torres et al, Nature Comm 2015, 6:6204; Korczynska et al J Med Chem 2015, 59:1580; Pack et al J Biol Chem 2016, 291:6060.

• PhD in biochemistry, chemical or structural biology
• Strong record of accomplishment and publications
• Effective communication skills
• The successful candidate is expected to function with a high degree of independence
• Ability to work as a member of a collaborative team

To Apply:
Interested candidates should send their CV with contact information of three referees, a description of their past research and a description of their future interests to Dr. Danica Fujimori at: danica.fujimori@ucsf.edu

To learn more about the Fujimori lab visit: http://fujimorilab.ucsf.edu/

Environment: The Fujimori lab and UCSF offer a rich collaborative environment for postdoctoral fellows. For more information about the benefits of being a Postdoc at UCSF, please visit http://postdocs.ucsf.edu.

[Post Date: June 20, 2018]

Title: Senior Laboratory Technician
Website: https://tinyurl.com/yamcbhrg

We are advertising for a Senior Laboratory Technician Protein Purification in the Medicines Discovery Institute at Cardiff University, UK.

The goal of the newly-established Medicines Discovery Institute in Cardiff is to translate world-leading research on scientific understanding of disease mechanisms into innovative therapeutic approaches. Our vision is to play a leading role in discovering new medicines in areas of high unmet need, with a particular emphasis on, but not exclusive to, neuroscience and mental health.

Closing date: Sunday, 15 July 2018.

Interested candidates please apply via University of Cardiff job page at the above website link.

[Post Date: June 20, 2018]

Title: Postdoc NIH


Position Description:
The research group of Dr. Anirban Banerjee at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeking candidates for postdoctoral fellows . The broad interests of the lab are in membrane protein structure and function. We combine structural techniques such as macromolecular crystallography and cryo EM with biophysical and biochemical methods such as reconstitution based assays, high resolution light microscopy and small molecule screening to investigate the structural bases of the mechanisms of a number of membrane proteins.

The lab has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. We have dedicated periodic access to the 22-ID beamline at the APS, for crystallographers at the NIH, as well as access to 23-ID and 24-ID beam lines at the APS. Our laboratory is part of the Cell Biology and Neurobiology Branch in the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). We also have an affiliation to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

The candidates should hold a Ph. D. degree, be author of at least one first author publication and have a strong background in biochemistry or structural biology. Experience with basic molecular biology, protein expression, purification and biochemical characterization are required. Prior experience in membrane protein biochemistry or mammalian expression system for protein purification will be added advantages.

It is absolutely essential the candidate is motivated and prepared to put in the best efforts for fruition of the project goals. We are a small, friendly lab and ability to work as part of a cohesive group is important.

To Apply:
Interested candidates can send an e-mail to anirban.banerjee@nih.gov with a CV and a summary of previous research experience and future interests.

The NIH is dedicated to building a diverse community in its training and employment programs.

[Post Date: June 20, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Freie Universitat Berlin

The “Structural Glycovirology” group at Freie Universität Berlin in Berlin-Dahlem is looking for an enthusiatic postdoctoral scientist with a strong background in structural biology, holding a PhD in Biochemistry, Biology or related subjects.

Carbohydrates densely cover every living cell and thus it is not a surprise that many human viruses interact with carbohydrates as receptors on their host cells in order to initiate infection. At the same time, viruses also encounter carbohydrates on their way from one host cell to another. The specificity and affinity of viral proteins for carbohydrates determines viral spread, transmission and pathogenesis. We use glycobiology and biophysics approaches to determine the specificity of viral proteins for carbohydrates and solve the structures of cognate protein-carbohydrate complexes by x-ray crystallography. Structural information is the key to understanding these protein-carbohydrate recognition processes, which are less well understood than protein-protein or protein-nucleic acid interactions.

We are looking for
- A strong background in the structure determination of proteins and/or protein-ligand complexes by x-ray crystallography, NMR or cryo-EM
- Expertise in recombinant protein expression and protein purification – familiarity with different protein expression systems is helpful
- The candidate should be interested in biochemical and biophysical approaches to define protein-ligand interactions such as ELISA, FACS, ITC, SPR, or NMR.
- The candidate should be willing to learn about glycobiology and virology.
- The candidate is expected to be a team player who fits into a multinational and multidisciplinary research environment.
- Confidence in spoken and written English is a requirement.

We offer
The “Structural Glycovirology” group is a newly established research group funded by the Emmy Noether Programme of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The group is embedded in the Laboratory of Structural Biochemistry of the Freie Universität Berlin with state of the art facilities for protein expression and production. The Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry is well equipped for x-ray crystallography and NMR, and is expanding its CryoEM equipment. We also have direct access to beamlines at BESSY II synchrotron through the Joint Berlin MX Laboratory.
A friendly and multidisciplinary environment provides stimulating grounds for collaboration with groups in biophysics, cell biology and chemistry.
We offer a full-time position available now until 30 April 2020.

Please submit your electronic application to ursula.neu@fu-berlin.de including a concise description of skills, previous work experiences and scientific interest until June 25th, 2018. Also provide contact details for at least two scientific peers who can provide letters of recommendation.

[Post Date: June 20, 2018]

Title: Postdoc College de France - Paris
Website: https://tinyurl.com/y8dwegn9

Post-doc position at Collège de France –PARIS / 2018-2019

We are currently recruiting a post-doctorate to work on porous materials for artificial photosynthesis.

Potential candidates will have a strong background in materials science and crystallography. Previous experience in PDF (pair distribution function) and in EXAFS/XANES is highly desirable. Applications are invited for an ambitious scientist with an excellent track record in hybrid organic-inorganic materials and their structural characterization under ex-situ or in situ environment using X-Ray scattering and X-Ray absorption methods. The project offers exceptional scientific and international environment. The position is available from October 2018.

See link for full job description in English.

For those who are interested, please apply by sending CV, a cover letter stating career interests, and contact addresses of at least three referees in a single PDF to the following e-mail address: caroline.mellot-draznieks@college-de-france.fr

[Post Date: June 18, 2018]

Title: Associate Scientist St. Jude
Website: https://careers-stjude.icims.com/jobs/3740/associate-scientist/job

The Fischer Lab is recruiting an Associate Scientist for a project that exploits the protein conformational landscape for ligand discovery in pediatric cancer.
We are looking for applicants with a strong training in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, and structural biology and a keen interest or ideally experience in ligand discovery.

You will be part of a young, interdisciplinary team that uses structural biology (multi-temperature and high-throughput crystallography) to characterize disease-relevant protein states, computational methods (MD, docking, custom software) to analyze and exploit them, and experiments (biophysical, biochemical, cell-based assays) to test the impact of small molecules on biology and disease. These approaches have relevance for allosteric regulation of proteins and protein-protein interactions.

The successful candidate has these attributes:
1) Must be able to conduct independent research in molecular biology and protein biochemistry, including cloning and protein purification, that enable structural studies.
2) Demonstrated experience in protein crystallography.
3) Familiarity with large-scale/ high-throughput approaches, automation, liquid handling, biophysical assays or computational approaches is a plus.
4) Proficiency in e.g. python or shell scripting will facilitate scaling up data analysis.
5) Must be eager to learn and implement new techniques from those relevant areas.

Besides working on your own projects, you will form a liaison for other lab members and
support projects within the lab while maintaining efficient laboratory operations.

Our group is housed in the Department of Chemical Biology and Therapeutics (https://www.stjude.org/research/departments-divisions/chemical-biology-therapeutics.html), and Structural Biology (https://www.stjude.org/research/departments-divisions/structural-biology.html) at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With ongoing investments into exceptional structural and chemical biology facilities, this is an exciting time to join our lab to do cutting-edge research whilst living in an affordable city.
Stable funding for this post is available.

Minimum Experience:
Bachelor’s plus 15 years post-degree relevant experience, with at least 7 years at the Research Lab Specialist level
Master’s plus 14 years post-degree relevant experience, with at least 7 years at the Research Lab Specialist level
PhD plus 9 years post-degree relevant experience (could include post-doc and/or technical staff experience)

Please direct your questions and application package including a cover letter detailing your interest in the lab, current CV, and 3 letters of reference to: Dr. Marcus Fischer (marcus.fischer@stjude.org).

Relevant papers include:
• Fischer et al. (2015). One crystal, two temperatures: cryocooling penalties alter ligand binding to transient protein sites. 1560-64. PMID 26032594
• Merski et al. (2015). Homologous ligands accommodated by discrete conformations of a buried cavity. PNAS 112, 5039-44. PMID 25847998
• Fischer et al. (2014). Incorporation of protein flexibility & conformational energy penalties in docking screens to improve ligand discovery. Nature Chemistry 6, 575-83. PMID 24950326

[Post Date: June 18, 2018]

Title: Dept Chair University of Missouri Health
Website: https://medicine.missouri.edu/sites/default/files/MMI_Chair_Advertisement-APPROVED.pdf

The Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Missouri is searching for a new Chair. Please see the link for information about the position.

[Post Date: June 18, 2018]

Title: Research Assistant

We are currently recruiting a research assistance to work in Biotechnology/Molecular biology to support our structural biology and chemical biology pipeline. This position requires Bachelor/Master degree or comparable degree as technical assistant with a basic knowledge and hands-on lab experience in molecular biology (and preferably, not essential, protein production). The group offers international working environment, and therefore a knowledge in English language for communication would be essential. The position (on the german-academic scale ‘kleine’ E9* TV-G-U) is available immediately to work at the SGC based at the University of Frankfurt on a full-time basis and is up to 30th June 2020.

For full job description in English, please see the attachment. For german version: https://www.jobvector.de/jobs-stellenangebote/biologie-life-sciences/forschung-lehre/technischen-assistentin-assistenten-kleine-e9-tv-g-u-102479.html

For those who are interested, please apply by sending CV, a cover letter stating career interests, and contact addresses of at least two referees in a single PDF to the following e-mail address: Knapp@pharmchem.uni-frankfurt.de

[Post Date: June 15, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Bristol

Wellcome Trust-funded Research Associate Positions available in the group of Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel, School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol!

The successful candidate(s) will join a multi-disciplinary team of international researchers investigating the structures and mechanisms of human mRNA quality control (NMD), to recognise and eliminate faulty mRNAs to forestall synthesis of truncated, disease-causing proteins. We employ a combination of biochemistry, electron cryo-microscopy and X-ray crystallography, utilising our excellent MultiBac baculovirus/insect cell protein production and structural biology facilities at Bristol.

We welcome applications from enthusiastic and motivated individuals with a PhD (or about to obtain one) in structural biology, biochemistry, biophysics or related, with a strong interest in inter-disciplinary structural molecular biology research.

The posts are full-time and up to five years.

Application deadline: Thursday 12th July 2018

For details and application procedure, please visit

For informal enquiries, please contact: christiane.berger-schaffitzel@bristol.ac.uk



[Post Date: June 14, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of York
Website: https://jobs.york.ac.uk/wd/plsql/wd_portal.show_job?p_web_site_id=3885&p_web_page_id=353828

An exciting postdoctoral position is available for a structural biologist/ biophysicist in the group of Professor Jennifer Potts at the University of York, UK researching proteins involved in bacterial biofilm formation. For more details and to apply see: https://jobs.york.ac.uk/wd/plsql/wd_portal.show_job?p_web_site_id=3885&p_web_page_id=353828

[Post Date: June 14, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Oslo
Website: https://tinyurl.com/ybzra2wf

Structural Biology and Drug Development at the University of Oslo

3 Postdoctoral Fellowships

Three postdoctoral positions (three years, extendable) are available in the Group of Structural Biology and Drug Development (Luecke group) at the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM) in Oslo.

The Group for Structural Biology and Drug Development investigates medically relevant proteins and protein complexes using biophysical, biochemical and structural approaches. The projects aim at understanding structure-function relationships with an emphasis on drug discovery. We employ a variety of biochemical and biophysical techniques (x-ray crystallography, single particle cryo electron microscopy, DSF, ITC, SPR, HDX-MS, SAXS, molecular dynamics simulations etc.). Specific, externally funded projects include inhibitor discovery targeting the Helicobacter pylori pH acclimation system (a pH-gated urea channel and a cytoplasmic urease1), and discovery of compounds that reactivate p53 cancer mutants in vitro and in vivo2.

The positions are available immediately. We seek highly motivated individuals with an excellent track record and experience in protein purification and biophysical and biochemical characterization of proteins and protein complexes, preferably including membrane proteins. Knowledge of one or more structural biology technique (x-ray crystallography, cryo electron microscopy or NMR) is required. Postdoctoral fellows will be supported in developing their own research area on their path to independence. We offer a stimulating environment with excellent working and social benefits in the Happiest Country on Earth.

The ideal candidate will have:
• A Ph.D. degree in biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, or a related area
• Hands-on experience with extraction and purification of proteins and assembly of protein complexes (membrane protein experience preferred)
• Ability to independently perform experiments, analyze and interpret results
• Documented ability to write scientific manuscripts (one or more first author papers from Ph.D. and postdoctoral studies will be highly valued)
• Excellent English interpersonal, communication and writing skills
• Ability to operate as a team player in a multi-disciplinary environment

Application via website required (see link below) and must include:
• Cover Letter stating motivation and research interests
• A detailed C.V.
• A complete list of scientific publications with brief statement of candidate contribution
• List of references (name, institution, e-mail, telephone number and relation to candidate)

Salary: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (SKO 1352) with a salary level of NOK486,100–567,100 (app. €51,800-€60,400) per year, depending on qualifications.

About the position and projects: Prof. Hartmut “Hudel” Luecke (hudel@ncmm.uio.no).
About administrative aspects of the application: Nina Modahl (ninam@ncmm.uio.no).

Online application required: https://www.jobbnorge.no/ledige-stillinger/stilling/146427/3-postdoctoral-fellowships-in-structural-biology-and-drug-development

1Strugatsky et al. “Structure of the proton-gated urea channel from the gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori” (2013) Nature 493, 255–258.
2Wassman et al. ”Computational Identification of a Transiently Open L1/S3 Pocket for p53 Cancer Mutant Reactivation” (2013) Nature Communications 4, article number 1407.

[Post Date: June 13, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Sussex
Website: http://m.sussex.ac.uk/about/jobs/post-doctoral-research-fellow-3342

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow: Conformational Dynamics of HSP90-Kinase Complexes

A Wellcome Trust-funded Post-doctoral Research Fellow position is available from 1st October 2018 in the laboratory of Prof. Laurence Pearl FRS and Dr. Chris Prodromou, to study the recruitment, activation and targeted degradation of protein kinases that depend on the HSP90 molecular chaperone system.

The successful applicant will analyse the conformational dynamics of protein kinase/chaperone complexes, using a range of complimentary structural biology techniques including NMR, X-ray crystallography, fluorescence spectroscopy and cryoEM.

[Post Date: June 12, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Delaware

Postdoctoral Fellow Position

Parashar laboratory at University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, is currently seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to perform structure-function studies of proteins regulating bacterial signaling.

• Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, or a related field
• Experience with cloning, protein expression, and protein purification methods
• A sound understanding of methods and approaches relating to macromolecular crystallography and/or single particle Cryo-EM preferred.
• Ability to plan and carry out research projects independently
• Ability to work on own initiative and take personal responsibility for delivery of work
• Excellent problem solving, interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
• A working knowledge of bacterial genetics and computational modeling of protein-ligand interactions preferred

Responsibilities include:
• Performing experiments for cloning, protein expression, and purification of proteins for biochemical and structural studies; robotic screens for crystallization; optimizing crystallization conditions; and collecting and analyzing diffraction data.
• Performing model building and structure refinement.
• Maintaining laboratory equipment to meet unique needs of the research activity
• Assisting with preparation of grant proposals, presentations and publications
• Actively seeking new collaborative projects within the department and externally

University of Delaware is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for molecular biology, protein purification, and crystallography, including crystallization robot, crystal imaging system, and X-ray generator. Please visit Parashar Laboratory website for more information. The laboratory plans to start using Cryo-EM for structural elucidation. For consideration, please send your CV, list of three references and other relevant information to parashar@udel.edu with subject line "postdoctoral application".

[Post Date: June 08, 2018]

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow/ Scientist Positions
Website: http://www.strbd.com/career.php

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow/ Scientist Positions

Description: Structure Based Design, Inc. is a biotech company in San Diego, California. We are seeking two postdoctoral fellows or junior scientists who have experience and passion on protein crystallization and crystal structure determination. You will participate in crystallization study of our diverse structure biology projects in collaboration with industry partner for drug discovery or academic laboratory for research publication.

Responsibilities include:
- Protein crystallization, co-crystallization with ligand
- Using crystallization automation equipment
- Diffraction data collection using in house facility or synchrotron light source
- Protein purification of recombinant proteins using His-tag, GST-tag, affinity purification, ion exchange, size exclusion
- Structure determination is a plus

- Demonstrating a track record of high quality performances on protein crystallization
- Independently designing experiments, analyzing data and interpreting
- Experience working with kinase, nuclear receptor or GPCR would be helpful

Your application (CV plus a covering letter) should be sent to hire@strbd.com.

[Post Date: June 05, 2018]

Title: Senior Scientist Evotec
Website: https://recruitment.evotec.com/VacancyDetails.aspx?FromSearch=True&MenuID=QSAukis1tlc=&VacancyID=646

There is an opportunity to join the Structural Biology team at Evotec based in the U.K as a Senior Scientist (Crystallography, initial 12 month contract). Please see the advert in the web link above. Interested candidates should apply directly through our website. Please do not send applications through to me directly. Closing date is June 30th and applicants must be eligible to work in UK.

[Post Date: June 05, 2018]

Title: Research Associate Imperial College London
Website: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/jobs/description/MED00558/research-associate

We invite enthusiastic individuals to apply for a Research Association position in the group of Xiaodong Zhang (https://www.structurebiomed.org), within the Section of Structural Biology, Department of Medicine, at Imperial College London’s South Kensington Campus.

The successful candidate will join a multi-disciplinary team of international researchers investigating the structures and mechanisms of bacterial transcription regulation and signal transduction by AAA ATPases. We employ a combination of Biochemistry, cryo electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography, utilizing our excellent protein production and structural biology facilities at Imperial.

We welcome individuals with a PhD (or about to obtain one) in structural biology, biochemistry or biophysics with a strong interest in inter-disciplinary structural molecular biology research.

The post is full-time, fixed-term until 30 September 2022.

Application deadline: July 2nd, 2018

For details and application procedure, please visit https://www.imperial.ac.uk/jobs/description/MED00558/research-associate

[Post Date: June 05, 2018]

Title: Senior/Principle Protein Production Scientist
Website: https://peakproteins.com/jobs/job-vacancy-for-senior-scientist-or-principal-scientist/

There is currently a position available for a Senior/Principle Protein Production Scientist at Peak Proteins Ltd based in the UK at Alderley Park near Manchester. Please see the link below for further details. All applications (CV plus a covering letter) should be sent to jobs@peakproteins.com. Closing date is July 13th.


[Post Date: June 04, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Bayer Crop Science
Website: https://www.karriere.bayer.de/en/job/Postdoc-Protein-Structural-Biology-m-f--SF22513_en_US.html

We have an pen postdoc position in our Small Molecule Research department at Bayer Crop Science in Monheim close to Cologne. All details can be found in the job advertisement under the following link:

Please submit your application only over the internet job portal using the following reference code: 22513.

[Post Date: June 04, 2018]

Title: Postdoc University of Arizona
Website: http://uacareers.com/postings/28948

We have an opening in the Tomasiak lab at the University of Arizona for a postdoctoral researcher to lead a comprehensive structural/functional investigation of human nutrient transporter complexes by cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography.

The lab seeks a motivated individual with expertise in structural biology (x-ray crystallography and/or cryo-EM), transporter protein function, and/or high throughput protein engineering in mammalian cell culture. Candidates with one or more of these skills with an interest to learn the others are highly encouraged to apply.

The project will entail investigations into the complex signaling and activity of transporters of cancer-related metabolites using a combination of structural biology with biochemical and cell-based assays. You will also have the opportunity to interface with several small molecule and analytical laboratories in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Our on-site facilities include a screening electron microscope, as well access to a 300 keV FEI Titan Krios in nearby Tempe, Arizona.

Our laboratory is located in picturesque Tucson, a diverse city designated as a UNESCO culinary world heritage site and is listed as #2 on the "Best Small American Cities" by Resonance Consulting Group and National Geographic. We are surrounded by magnificent mountainscapes, several large parks with extensive hiking areas, as well as a thriving arts and culture scene.

To apply, please submit an application to http://uacareers.com/postings/28948 .

[Post Date: June 01, 2018]

Title: Senior Scientist Evotec
Website: https://recruitment.evotec.com/VacancyDetails.aspx?FromSearch=True&MenuID=QSAukis1tlc=&VacancyID=649

There is an opportunity to join the Structural Biology team at Evotec based in the U.K as a Senior Scientist (Protein purification). Please see the advert in the link below. Interested candidates should apply directly through our website. Please do not send applications through to me directly. Closing date is June 30th and applicants must be eligible to work in UK. The position is for a 12 month contract.

[Post Date: June 01, 2018]

Title: Postdoc & PhD Student, Oulu, Finland

My lab at the University of Oulu, Finland, has two open positions to be filled in September. The positions are part of a multidisciplinary collaborative project aiming at a comprehensive understanding of protein structure/function and disease mechanisms in human hereditary neuropathies.

The post-doctoral position is open for 2.5 years, and the PhD student position for 4 years.

More information about the environment, project, etc., as well as links to the application system can be found through the web pages below.


PhD student:

Applications must be submitted through the electronic system.

[Post Date: May 31, 2018]

Title: Postdoc International Institute in Warsaw
Website: http://genesilico.pl/employment/#5

Bujnicki Lab (Laboratory if Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering, located in the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw) is looking for an experienced (post-doc level) crystallographer/structural biologist, with an interest in combining various experimental and computational methods for structure determination of RNAs and RNA-protein complexes.

Our group is involved in theoretical and experimental research on nucleic acids and proteins. The current focus is on RNA sequence-structure-function relationships (in particular 3D modeling), RNA-protein complexes, and enzymes acting on RNA. The Institute have in-house crystallographic and computing facilities and is located in the Ochota campus, surrounded by Polish Academy of Science's institutes and University of Warsaw's departments of biology/chemistry/physics/medicine/mathematics interests.

Please find the full job offer in the attachment, as well as in the link below.

The deadline is on 15th of June 2018.


The webpage of our group can be found here; http://genesilico.pl/ as well as more information about the Institute:

[Post Date: May 30, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Michigan State University

A postdoctoral research associate position in structural biology/biochemistry is immediately available in the laboratories of Prof. Jian Hu (Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) and Prof. Robert Hausinger (Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics) at Michigan State University. We are characterizing the structures and mechanisms of four enzymes associated with the Lar operon (LarA/B/C/E). The lactate racemase LarA contains a recently discovered organometallic nickel-pincer cofactor (Science 2015, 349:66), which is sequentially synthesized by the other three Lar proteins (PNAS 2016, 113:5598, PNAS 2017, 114:9074). The postdoc will work in both laboratories with a focus on structural characterization of the Lar proteins, primarily by X-ray crystallography with the opportunity to also use cryo-EM, while investigating the enzymes by using other biochemical/biophysical methods. The cryo-EM facility will be updated with a Talos Arctica 200 kV FEG Transmission and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope by the end of 2018. This highly productive project has been funded by NSF since 2015 and renewed recently for another three years of support until 2021. To obtain more detailed information, please visit our websites (Hu lab: https://bmb.natsci.msu.edu/faculty/jian-hu/current-research/; Hausinger lab: https://mmg.natsci.msu.edu/people/faculty/hausinger-robert-p/).

The successful candidate must be highly self-motivated and have a Ph.D. in biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology or a related field. Hands-on experience in protein expression/purification and structure determination using X-ray crystallography are required. Experience in cryo-EM is viewed favorably. The position will be initially available for one year, with possible renewal based on mutual satisfaction.

Interested individuals should submit a brief cover letter, CV, and the names and the contact information of three referees to Dr. Jian Hu (hujian1@msu.edu) or to Dr. Robert P. Hausinger (hausinge@msu.edu). Review of application will start immediately and the position will be open until filled.

[Post Date: May 30, 2018]

Title: Scientific Officer EMBL
Website: http://s.embl.org/HH00140

EMBL Hamburg is currently advertising for a Scientific Officer for the Sample Preparation & Characterization (SPC).

The facility supports external researchers carrying out experiments on 3 EMBL beamlines ( 2x MX and 1 SAXS). An extension of the SPC activities is hosted in the new Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB).The Scientific Officer – Biophysical Characterization will support users with the design,
execution and data analysis of biophysical experiments.

The facility currently covers a broad range of biophysical techniques, including calorimetry, mass spectroscopy, circular dichroism, fluorescence, microscale
thermophoresis, dynamic/static light scattering, infrared spectroscopy, surface plasmon resonance and biolayer Interferometry. The postholder will be responsible for
the maintenance and operation of biophysical instruments as well as for training users to operate the equipment independently. He/She will have an opportunity to develop own relevant research activities within the framework of the group by Maria Garcia Alai related to the development of new methods at the SPC.

Deadline for application is the 1st July 2018

More detailed information can be found here: http://s.embl.org/HH00140

[Post Date: May 25, 2018]

Title: Postdoc Positions Protein Structural Biology
Website: https://karriere.bayer.de/job/PostDoc-Protein-Structural-Biology-m-f--SF20881_en_US.html

We have two open postdoc position in our Lead Discovery department at Bayer in Berlin. All details can be found in the job advertisement under the following link:


Please submit your application only over the internet job portal using the following reference code: 20881.

[Post Date: May 24, 2018]
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